Probate Law

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Expert Probate Counsel in Michigan

Our probate attorneys help in Drafting, Litigating, Admitting and Enforcing Wills and Trusts.

Michigan Probate Litigators Have Experience can:

  • Draft Wills And Trusts
  • Litigate Wills And Trusts
  • Admit Wills And Trusts
  • Enforce Wills And Trusts
  • Manage The Distribution Of A Deceased Family Member’s Assets
  • Oversee The Administration Of An Estate
  • File Federal Taxes On Behalf Of The Estate
  • File State Taxes On Behalf Of The Estate
  • Conduct Title Transfers That Transfer Real Estate Property Titles To Beneficiaries
  • Establish The Validity Of The Will
  • Appoint A Legal Representative To Represent The Decedent
  • Itemize The Decedent’s Property
  • Appraise The Decedent’s Property
  • Pay Any Outstanding Debts
  • Pay Any Outstanding Taxes
  • Distribute Any Remaining Property
  • Contest Wills
  • Manage Creditor’s Claims

Michigan Probate Law Often Involves Wills, Claims and Contesting of Wills

Will contests in Michigan often occur if a person is unhappy with his or her designated portion of the estate. Some examples of when a Michigan probate lawyer helps contest a will if a child discovers that a parent had not updated their will to include a bequest to him or her, or the spouse of the deceased may discover that the decedent has bequeathed all of their real estate property and assets to a former spouse. Additionally, Michigan probate counsel are often called on to contest a will or determine if caretakers or other persons had improperly influenced the deceased to amend a will so that the estate is left to them instead of the deceased’s close friends or family members, the natural heirs may contest a will in Michigan by alleging that the amendment was granted by undue influence or fraud.

If the deceased owes you money, you must file a creditor’s claim with the court within the prescribed time limits.

Our Michigan probate litigators will have to indicate the amount that the deceased owes you, as well as provide proof supporting the creditor’s claim.

The Michigan probate law litigators at Terrasi Law can provide expert legal help and help you work within Southeast Michigan probate courts.